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How to reduce anxiety

Anxiety is awakened within us whenever we feel unprepared for the future. Our brain interprets our thoughts and responds to them as a threat. These might be real threats such as if an intruder might invade our home or a virus or disease might attach itself to us. Or they may be perceived threats such as when we feel unable to do something or we feel inadequate to meet a need. Anxiety is a response to confronting a world that we are not yet ready to deal with.  The threat feels stronger than our capacity to respond.

We know the feelings of anxiety like the nervous stress, the upset stomach, the shortness of breath or a racing heartbeat. It can be scary.

Responding to an anxious moment in a positive way can include:

-Recognize you are feeling anxious even if you don’t know the cause.

-Take a moment & acknowledge what you are feeling.
-Naming the anxious feelings gives some sense of control which is a bit of an antidote.
-Take some deep breaths and sigh them out. This releases some of the energy anxiety generates.
-If necessary find some help.

Anxiety is not defeated once. It is an over again, learned response. So do not get discouraged, keep practicing.