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The Healing Book: Facing the Death and Celebrating the Life of Someone You Love

jstevenson | Journeys through Grief

By: Ellen Sabin and ______________ 

The authors of this book are Ellen Sabin and anyone else who is working on it to remember the person who died. It is a joint project that provides an excellent and moving experience. The Healing Book becomes a love story that can support the grieving child and the adult who works with him to create it.  

There is enough information on grief that it provides a good guide to a person’s process. It works on this level because it introduces the concepts of grief and the areas that grief affects. It provides children with early access to this common life experience.  

The Healing Book uses these concepts as the springboard for the child to creatively acknowledge their grief and engage with it in positive ways. It is an invitation to begin to identify emotions, that often children don’t understand at this developmental stage in life, and some of the physical expressions of grief. There are prompts to draw, short sentences to write, memories to recount, and simple projects to create. These touch on a variety of ways that we process grief, and in their efforts, teach children other tools to manage the grief. This becomes a lifelong grounding in addressing grief that will support the child as she grows through the many other losses and deaths they will confront. 

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